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While psychotherapy is an important part of managing your mental health condition, in many cases, prescription medication is necessary to help control symptoms and prevent relapse. Dr. Armin Hoes of Latitude Mental Health in West Los Angeles offers a prescription management program to help you get the medicine you need for the best possible outcomes. For a prescription management appointment, call the office today.

Standard Prescription Management Q & A

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What is prescription management?

Prescription management refers to the medical treatment program available at Latitude Mental Health. In many cases, mental health conditions benefit from the use of prescription medication to improve symptoms and prevent relapse.

Dr. Hoes is an experienced psychiatrist who can provide the right prescription program for you to help you manage your mental health condition.

The prescription management program at Latitude Mental Health includes a comprehensive initial evaluation, plus monthly or bimonthly in-office or virtual follow-ups.

How do I know what medications I need?

Before prescribing any medication, Dr. Hoes completes a comprehensive evaluation and diagnostic assessment. During this 60-minute examination, Dr. Hoes conducts:

  • A comprehensive mental health screening
  • A complete physical and psychiatric historical analysis
  • Dynamic clinical diagnostic impressions
  • A complete review of psychiatric systems
  • Laboratory analysis (if applicable)

Based on the information gathered, Dr. Hoes determines what treatment plan is right for you. He creates a prescription based program aimed at both reducing current mental health symptoms and preventing future symptoms. This plan may include medication and other related interventions.

The ultimate goal of prescription management is for you to experience either a significant reduction of symptoms (response) or ideally total resolution of symptoms (remission).

What happens after my initial evaluation?

After your initial evaluation, Dr. Hoes conducts either monthly or bi-monthly visits to monitor response to the medication and make adjustments to your treatment plan as clinically indicated.

Your follow-up visits may be at the office or virtual. Dr. Hoes can provide electronic prescriptions by request.

What types of mental health medications are available?

There are many types of medications used for mental health disorders. The type of prescription medication you need depends on your underlying mental health condition. Common prescription medications used to treat mental health include:


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the most common antidepressant medications and include medications such as fluoxetine, citalopram, and escitalopram. These types of medications may be recommended to treat your depression.

Anti-anxiety medications

You may benefit from anti-anxiety medication if you have an anxiety disorder that causes panic attacks or intense fear that keeps you from doing the things you enjoy.


Antipsychotics may be necessary to manage conditions that cause hallucinations or delusions.

What treatment options are available for prescription management?

Our prescription management service includes a 60-minute initial comprehensive, diagnostic assessment and regular, recurrent 30 minute follow up evaluations where the core focus of treatment is on creating and maintaining a personalized treatment plan that reduces current mental health symptoms and prevents future symptoms using medicine and related interventions. Ideal outcomes include either significant reduction of symptoms (response) or total resolution of symptoms (remission).

We also include a comprehensive mental health screening, complete medical and psychiatric historical analysis, dynamic clinical diagnostic impressions, complete review of psychiatric systems, laboratory analysis (if applicable) and ongoing psychiatric prescription services that include electronic prescription options (as indicated).

Our standard memberships include monthly or bimonthly office visits or virtual visits for follow ups.

When it comes to your mental health, prescription management is a tool that may help relieve your symptoms. To learn more about the prescription management program at Latitude Mental Health, call the office today.

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