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Sports Psychiatry Specialist Q & A

Sports psychiatry is the sub-specialty within psychiatry largely focusing on diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illness in athletes. While utilization of psychological approaches to enhance performance may also be part of the work of the sports psychiatrist, it tends to be less so as compared to addressing actual mental illness in this population. The work of sports psychiatry may also involve the use of exercise as a therapeutic or preventative intervention for mental illness. The field is relatively new, such that most medical schools and residency/fellowship programs do not have curricular offerings dedicated to the topic. Moreover, with the population of sports psychiatrists relatively small, and with a relatively small research base, when health care providers do deliver psychiatric care to athletes, they may do so without a full understanding of the diagnostic and therapeutic issues unique to this population.

Dr. Hoes is also producer and co-host of the SportsPsychMDs podcast, an independent, international streaming broadcast available by subscription featuring topics related to mental health and athletic performance. Through his podcast Dr. Hoes educates listeners about mental health and important the role of psychiatry in sports, promotes improving mental health care for athletes, and seeks to destigmatize mental illness by changing the narrative about what it means to struggle with a mental health challenge. The SportsPsychMDs podcast is changing the face of mental illness by conveying to its audience that athletes are our heroes but even heroes can struggle with mental health. Dr. Hoes is a proud member of the International Society of Sports Psychiatrists (ISSP), a world-wide organization dedicated to advance the specialty of sports psychiatry. Click here to visit the website.