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Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, with around half of those suffering from depression also suffering from anxiety and vice versa. Dr. Armin Hoes of Latitude Mental Health in West Los Angeles understands that diagnosis and treatment of these conditions require compassion, trust, and expert management. If you think you may have a severe depressive disorder or anxiety, call or book an appointment online with Dr. Hoes today.

Anxiety Q & A

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety, or persistent worry or apprehension, is a normal part of a healthy life. When these feelings become a large part of your everyday life, you may have a chronic anxiety disorder, which can significantly impact your overall sense of well-being and affect your daily responsibilities.

The underlying causes of anxiety disorders are varied, but genetics, traumatic life events, medical conditions, childhood trauma, and substance abuse can all contribute to increased risk for these conditions.

Anxiety disorders and clinical depression are often seen together, as uncontrolled anxiety can lead to feelings of depression and hopelessness. They are not the same, however, and need to be treated as separate conditions.

What are some types of anxiety disorders?

Symptoms of anxiety may present in a variety of ways, and under a wide range of circumstances. Often, the circumstances surrounding your anxiety are the key to diagnosis of a specific disorder.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

GAD causes you to feel extreme anxiety on most days, for at least six months. You may feel restless, irritable, worried, and have difficulty sleeping.

Panic disorder

Panic disorder can cause sudden, extreme feelings of fear and panic that create physical symptoms like difficulty breathing, a racing heartbeat, sweating, and shaking. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a panic disorder brought on by specific traumatic events such as being involved in an accident or natural disaster.

Social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder causes you to feel extreme anxiety, worry, panic, or profound embarrassment when around groups of people, or in social situations like school or work.

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety may happen when you are in a situation where your performance is important, such as when giving a presentation, playing sports, or having sex.

There are many other types of anxiety disorders, and expert psychiatric care may be needed for effective diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms and for relief of your ongoing anxiety.

What treatments are available for anxiety?

Dr. Hoes takes a thorough assessment in order to understand the physical, psychological, and emotional causes of your anxiety. He creates a treatment plan specific to you, which may include:

  • Antidepressant medications
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Psychotherapies

Dr. Hoes uses psychotherapy to help identify factors that increase your anxiety or make it worse. Cognitive behavioral therapy, a form of psychotherapy, is a valuable tool for teaching coping and behavioral techniques to help you manage your fears and worries.

For an expert evaluation of your anxiety, call or book an appointment with Latitude Mental Health today.

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