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Latitude Approach: Biological, Psychological & Social Well Being


Mental illness has three primary sources: Biological (physiological), Psychological and Social.  Therefore, meaningful improvement in mental health requires a commitment to addressing all three.

Latitude Mental Health is an industry leader in the three-system approach to mental health care which includes creating a personalized treatment program and strategies targeting the biological, psychological and social stressors associated with mental illness.

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Biological disturbances may result from infections, inflammatory conditions like those that cause pain and discomfort or even common chronic medical problems like Cancer, Heart Disease or Diabetes.  They may also result from defects within the brain’s circuits leading to abnormal signals generating abnormalities in the brain's ability to function optimally. Genetic factors or environmental insults affecting DNA and gene expression (known as epigenetic factors) are often responsible for these problems.  A biological disturbance may cause us to struggle in our ability to either receive, process or interpret information appropriately. Medical treatment targets these disturbances by modulating key receptors in the brain located within those defective circuits to either restore or deactivate functions that are compromised with a goal to facilitate proper regulation of such functions.


Psychological disturbances are derived from factors within a person's mental architecture which may affect features or expressions of what some may refer to as someone’s personality such as their thoughts, feelings, desires, perceptions, attitudes, opinions and norms.  Psychological problems often reveal themselves when having to face unexpected challenges and find it difficult to adjust or even incapable of coping with the stress. Mental flexibility and adaptability are susceptible to problems with a psychological framework. Notably, this framework has its roots and foundation contained within our childhood and early life development.  Problems within these areas often represent targets for psychological therapy.




Social disturbances involve problems that arise from negative or harmful interactions within the space we live.  Our environments can have a major impact on healthy mental functioning. Circumstances like a financial loss, unemployment, housing problems, divorce, failure, trauma, prejudice or injustice can be the sole reason a person develops depression or anxiety symptoms.  Community interventions, policy changes, lifestyle modifications, case management and ongoing support from family and friends address this area of mental illness. 

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